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FD-258 to EFT file conversion service

FD-258 to EFT file conversion service

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(Formerly Midwest Silencers) Identical Service

1. Complete a FD-258 fingerprint card with required demographics (see picture)

2. Send us your FD-258 fingerprint card with your full legal name and all demographics (without these they are invalid) Look at example, rolled prints and slap prints, can see the whirls and deltas. No need to line up 4 fingers straight down is fine.

3. Send complete and legible FD-258 fingerprint card to Midwest Silencers P.O. Box 913 Okoboji, IA 51355.

4. Once card is received, our ATF compliance team will process the card and create the .EFT file 

5. We will then Email the .EFT file to the email address on file. Once your file is received you will not have a program to open it. Just upload to responsible person section of eforms and you will see a pop-up that has your Name, DOB, and "Valid ebts package" 

NOTE: Please make sure there are no smudges or incomplete prints. Make sure "Whirls" and Deltas" are visible. 

NOTE: Turn around times vary, but typically 1-3  business days after prints are picked up.

  • Used to complete ATF E-FORM 4 and E-FORM 1
  • FDLE Level 2 Background Checks
  • Fingerprint Archiving Services
  • FBI Background Check

Note: cards will be securely destroyed 30 days upon completion unless requested return. If return is requested the easiest and fastest way is to include an envelope with prepaid postage or stamps. Otherwise Prints will be returned within 30 days after processing.

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